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i used to be outspoken

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Lee l Genderfluid l Pansexual l Taurus | ♥

[ stray dogs last wish ] by kittydrips

hello please call me lee! i'm a doge with big dreams and i'm super shy but friendly! i love to make friends though! i'm a college student and a huge homestuck and furry and i'm very much in love! i like cute people and cuter dogs vuv I am a bit of a character collector as you will see! i don't like drama so please keep it off my page thank you! uwu;; enjoy your stay!

TechnicolorYawns - nautikos - Candy-DanteL - kushmew smokeclearing - Krissi2197 - PocketDog - Shinkei-Shinto Riff-Ruff - Cryssy-miu
hey can i honestly just say how wonderful everyone in this box is? please visit them all they are really beautiful and fantastic people and they deserve every ounce of your love. ♥

as a lot of people know, i personally love my characters very much. they are all very, very special to me, and i can honestly say they all hold a little piece of me! below you can find all my lovelies! click a character to see their reference and learn more! if it doesn't take you anywhere, i haven't finished it yet sorry!!

there is no need to thank me for the fav/comment/watch. all or most comments are hidden to tidy up.
thank you for visiting!

the cyan beast and the emerald terror

Flower Crown Jake by YukinoTenshi23 Stamp: Jake Jane by Queen-of-Choice Flower Crown Jane by YukinoTenshi23
the jake to my jane
you're a part time lover and a full time friend
the monkey on your back is the latest trend
i don't see what anyone could see in anyone else

~ StaticMagick ~
this guy is really swell please go tell him hello!!
he is an adorkable little english muffin ehuehue u//w//u



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